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BlackGold begin as organic waste material which is treated with the latest and proven technology. The initial phases separate water from heavier waste, or BlackGold sludge. The cleansed water is reintroduced after being chemically analyzed by highly qualified and experienced chemical biologist.

The BlackGold sludge undergoes a heating, thickening, digestion and de-watering process which eliminates moisture and bacteria. This is accomplished with centrifuges, then digesters. A polymer solution causing solidification is mixed with BlackGold sludge, turning it into natural biosolids. The natural biosolids, now a cake-like substance, are stored in hoppers equipped with chutes which funnel the substance into trucks.

The natural BlackGold biosolids are regularly check for contamination at the Plant under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health & Food, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Agriculture. It is also mandatory requirement to have a laboratory certified report before being allowed to be taken off site.

BlackGold are rich in the nitrogen, phosphorus and metals necessary for growing crops. Most cultivated Malaysian soil lacks organic components. BlackGold can improve soil quality. BlackGold are used to fertilize paddy, corn, potatoes, commercial cash crops, landscape ornamental plants, oil palms and trees. BlackGold can, proponents say, enrich forest land, tree and oil palm nurseries. They are applied following safety standards.

BlackGold is the solution to save the earth from further contamination of acidic synthetic fertilizers. Use BlackGold starting today for future survival of Mankind before it is too late. May GOD helps us all.